My two main inspirations for this project is the idea of creating something with organic elements with machines, and creating art by collaboration with machines. 
Randomly generated variables combined with the position of your mouse determines the size and selection of colours that seep in from the sides of the page. The actual drawing portion of the program uses a very small stroke weight and low opacity to create soft and delicate lines, contrasting with the usual bold lines you see while drawing with software. Taking in some inspiration from blind contouring, the program doesn’t draw exactly where you put your mouse, but slightly off to the side, making it difficult to be precise about your drawing and making it feel more organic than calculated. The W,A,S,D,Q,E,Z, and X buttons control the direction of the cross hatching that generates when you move your mouse, and the length of each lines are created using randomised variables, giving it a slightly imperfect feel.

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