Medium: mixed media
How many times have you seen people fighting for peace?
The meaning of peace has been so terribly altered that it means the complete opposite thing now. People are using violence for peace, destroying for peace, and killing for peace. We have somehow been under the influence of people who are above us all this time, for so long, that we haven’t even noticed their presence.
The white flag, soldiers and ground represents peace.
The newspaper earth represents the huge corporations that have disguised themselves into our background and influencing us little by little.
The red on the soldiers hands represent the blood of the people we’ve killed for peace.
You are free to think what you want to think?
Or are you free to think what they want you to think?
Isn’t it strange how so many people are completely physically free to do whatever they want, but they’re imprisoned inside their head? They’re not in control of their own thoughts; just vessels controlled by things they are led to believe. We were all born with a free mind, but sometimes a cage is built around our thoughts and imagination.
The head represents the human vessel.
The brain in the cage represents how thoughts are suppressed.
In this so-called democracy, it’s easy to live blindly and to be controlled by the hands of society. We’re not allowed to question authority and it has become our job to accept everything without putting much thought into it. It’s strange that we work to survive but we all believe we’re free. After all, ignorance only makes us easier to control, and that’s all they need to become even stronger.
The faces represent the faces of the people being controlled by society.

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